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USA 2023


This summer, improve your tennis and live a great cultural experience in the United States!

The camp will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, from July 23rd until August 5th 2023.


Improve your

Feel safe & secure!

You will always be with an adult, from either the Catalunya Tennis Academy staff, the Charlotte Indoor Tennis Club o from the host family in the USA.


You will share court with players from Charlotte, and you will share a house with a host family from Charlotte too. This way you will be forced to practice English.

Enjoy yourself!

Between all the tennis activities (training, tournaments, matches...) and the recreational activities at the center, you won't have time to get bored as you’ll be too busy having a great time!



  • Departure will be on Sunday morning (July 23rd): there will be a first meeting at the Charlotte Indoor Center (CITC) in the evening, or if we get there at night, the host families will pick us up directly at the airport.

  • You will meet your host family and have time to settle at your new "home" in Charlotte. The host families will provide a private bedroom and bathroom, as well as daily meals. You will be with the host family when there are not CITC organized events.


  • Sunday: you will spend the day with the host family and later you will attend an ice cream party at the CITC to meet all the tennis players and tennis coaches.

  • Week 1: tennis training every day from 10 to 1pm at the academy.

  • Week 2: tennis training every day from 10 to 1pm at the academy.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays of both weeks, CITC will organized the following activities:

    • Afternoon at the amusement park Carowinds

    • Attend a baseball game

    • Wallk around and explore the Southpark Mall

    • Spend one afternoon at the Uptown Charlotte with visits to museums

    • Tennis matches against players from clubs near Charlotte

  • During the weekends, the host families will provide entertainment to their guests. They will show you how it is a typical weekend in an American family.

  • Last Friday: everyone will meet to celebrate and say Goodbye at the Charlotte Indoor!

  • Departure from the US will be on August 5th.

We have been organizing summer tennis camps for the last 30 years with great success. Listen to some of the players from previous years in this video and look at the pictures below.


The Summer Tennis Camp USA 2023 is held at the:

The facilities include tennis courts, a gym, and a restaurant.



Price per person: 1.975 €

Includes tall training and practices, accommodation and meals, laundry and transportation to and from the airport as well as transportation to and from the tennis club and host family house.


Does not include, roundtrip flight tickets Barcelona - Charlotte, nor travel and medical insurance.

  • We estimate that the roundtrip plus the insurance will be around 1,100 €.

  • The flight rates will be subject to the avaiability at the time of confirming the registration to the camp.

  • It is not included in the price, the trip to the Barcelona airport, pocket money for gifts and extras, and racket stringing.



  • Limited spots. We have 16 spots avaiable for this camp.

  • The deadline to sign up is February 28th 2023.

  • We will meet all the players at the Barcelona airport 3 hours before departure time.

  • The arrival will be Sunday August 6th in the morning (exact time TBA).

  • If two sybiling come together on of them will get a 5% discount.

  • The pocket money for the players can be left with a CTA member or it can be carried by the player (this will be the parntes decision).

  • Personal documentation will be handed to CTA management.

  • For the sign up we will need a copy of your passport.

  • Every player will have international insurance for the trip.

  • If someone has travelled to Cuba, they will need to request a VISA to enter the US. If not with the ESTA it is suficient.  

  • We reserve the right to make any changes that we find beneficial to the camp organization of the camp.

Cancelation Policy

  • If you can not make it to the Summer Camp in the US, and you give more than a 30 day notice you will only loose the flight and 20% of the total amount.

  • If you cancel with less than 30 days, CTA will not be able to reimburse any amount.



¿How many tennis players will be in one host family?

There will be one tennis player per host family.

¿What will the tennis level of the camp be?

This camp is focused to tennis players involved in tennis competition but not if they are among the best in their country. The training groups in the US will be based in their level, either if they are american or not.


¿How can I sign up?

Fill out and send the form below. We will send you the sign up sheet to your email, as well as all the necessary steps.

¿Who will book the flights and the insurance?

CTA management will do all of that.


¿How many clothes do I need to bring?

In the price laundry it is included, and it will be summer in Charlotte, so you should not load your suitcase too much with clothes. It is also important that your suitcase is not too heavy for the trip. It will be necessary a backpack for the trip to go from the house to the tennis club.

¿Who will pick us up in Charlotte when we get there?

The host families will.



Fill out the following form and we will send you the sign up form and all the steps to your email. If you have any questions please let us know in the form.

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you soon!

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