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Felix as captain of Emilio Sanchez's team


My name is Felix Riba, I was born in Sabadell and I started playing tennis at the age of 13. After playing for my club in Sabadell and being able to play with the Spanish team in the cadet and junior categories becoming a European Champion, I decided to start coaching at the age of 18.

I am passionate about being with the players and sharing their passion for tennis. When I was 21 years old, I was asked to manage the Sabadell Tennis Club and I accepted. I was in charge of 200 players of all ages.

At the age of 23 came the biggest leap a coach can make. This was to train the best players between 14 and 17 years old in the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

I traveled around the world a lot and I saw the success of many players who ended up reaching the top.

After working with the Federation, I continued training competitive players, this time on my own, along with my team. Fit Sport was born and after a few years, Riba Competition, which would eventually become what it is today; Catalunya Tennis Academy. For 27 years our occupation has been to help players grow mentally. That is why we created the Emotional Tennis System, a methodology based on working on all aspects of tennis, focusing on mental strength.

After applying this system, our students began to have good results and for years now, this methodology has set us apart. Our program is designed to accompany people to grow throughout their tennis journey and personally so that psychological barriers are not a limit to this growth. Our focus is that they don't see mental control as a barrier, but as a great potential that will help them both in sports and in their lives.


Felix has been a tennis coach for 46 years.


He has played in the World Championship for the last 20 years with the Spanish team.

"Learn to take the positive out of negative moments".



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